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Your Chart Signature w/ Anne Ortelee

Here's What You Receive:

  • Access to the Live 2-Hour Live Workshop on July 14th ($47 value)
  • A Live 60-Minute Q&A session on July 16th with a chance to get your question answered. ($27 value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Recording of the live event in Video, Audio & Transcript formats ($47 value)
  • The complete Slide Deck in PDF format ($17 value)
  • A PDF Worksheet to help you dive in and understand your chart. ($17 value)

A way to understand the energy in your chart and how this affects your decisions, actions and the way others experience you. (priceless!)




How to Discover Your Signature 

  • What the four elements are and how they each express.
  • The “action” of the modes and how this further layers on the elements.
  •  How to score your planetary placements.

Where Your Chart Signature Expresses In Your Life

  • Quadrants - what they are and how to see them in your chart.
  • What area of life each of the four quadrants highlight.
  • The significance of Angular, Succedent, and Cadent houses.

Chart and Worksheet Examples

  • Learn to "score" a chart.
  • Applying your interpretation to every day life.
  •  Ways this knowledge can be used to understand how you approach and perceive the world around you.