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Working with Quincunxes w/ Rick Levine

In this class, Master Astrologer Rick Levine will change your mind about the Quincunx being considered a minor aspect, and shows you just how powerful this aspect can be.

An 80-minute course on quincunxes that will cover:

  • The history of Quincunxes
  • The difference between Quincunxes and Inconjuncts
  • Harmonics as they relate to astrological aspects
  • Working with the aspects and recommended orbs for each
  • Traditional aspects vs. non-zodiacal aspects
  • Putting it all together with chart examples

What you'll get:

  • An 80-minute course with Rick on working with Quincunxes in video, transcript, and audio format.
  • The complete Slide Deck in PDF format
  • Cliff Notes in PDF Format
  • Recorded Q&A session in video, transcript, and audio format

*This class was originally recorded for the Inner Circle during the Libra lunation in 2019. If you are an Inner Circle member now but missed this class, you can get access to this class for only $37 by using your IC discount code (found in your membership portal).

What People Are Saying:

Today I was able to watch the Mastery Class. Many thanks, Rick Levine. I love the way you translate complex information in a simple way and how you relate different things like poetry, philosophy, history, and more!


Very interesting class, super enlightening. I'd never know much about quincunxes before. Thank you Rick Levine!

Kei Kay

I love Rick's teaching style!!! He's a vessel of knowledge & shares it to unpretentiously. Astrology Hub is a beautiful community. I'm happy to be a part of it. Thank you!!! Much love.